Ever Experienced Scuba Diving? If not, here's an occasion to.

Fantastic Scuba Diving Vacation in Odessa, Ukraine

Contact extreme sports club "Pearl" by phone 8(0482)344-700 to book your fantastic scuba diving vacation in Odessa. Besides actually learning underwater swimming, your scuba diving vacation here can include traveling by the Black See to locations like Crimea peninsula, islands Berezan and Zmeyiny, as well as voyages to other destinations. "Pearl" is associated with the European Committee of Professional Diving Instructors.

Beginner training course

If you never experienced scuba diving, there's beginner training course available. The beginner training course comprises 10 hours of scuba diving theory lessons followed by 10 hours of practical dives with scuba. On successful completion a trainee is being issued a certificate of world standard CEDIP, NAUI.


  • The basic course price is $US 200.
  • On site training and educational ship wreck diving to the drowned battleship "Sulina (depth 20 m) - $US 230.

For experienced scuba divers

A one-day trip to the open sea aboard a dedicated boat includes sailing to the whereabouts of wreck ships "Sulina", "Bryansk" and "Patagonia" and diving to the wrecks (up to 3 dives per person).


  • Each dive is $US 25 per person.
  • Renting scuba diving equipment is $US 20 per day per person.
  • Renting the dedicated boat is $US 60 per hour or $US 250 per day.

A two-day trip to the open sea that includes visiting the biosphere reserves Tendrovskaya Kosa, Egorlytsky Bay and The Egyptian Islands

Price: $US 500.

Sea voyages to more distant destinations like Crimea peninsula, islands Berezan and Zmeyiny, or even Turkey are being priced individually.

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Ukrainian professional diving instructors UDIP

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