Recreational scuba diving in Odessa doesn't require certification

Recreational Scuba Diving and Scuba Diving Certification in Ukraine

Speaking of the recreational scuba diving globally, it is mostly self regulated, which means there is no any centralized regulatory body setting up standards for amateur scuba divers. However, most diving related sales and rental businesses will require proof of diver certification from one of large diving organizations before allowing customers to buy certain diving products, rent equipment or use their scuba diving facilities, presuming diver must be fit and have no serious health disorders.

In Ukraine, scuba diver certification is being supervised by the UDIP (Ukrainian Society of Professional Diving Instructors) that represents the European Committee of Professional Diving Instructors (CEDIP), whose regulations and standards it adheres to.

The French scheme of training and certification of scuba divers was adopted in Ukraine considering that France historically has a long tradition of diving with scuba, which has allowed to develop the training system believed to be the best in the terms of security measures. Also, it is very flexible, comfortable and both beginner diver and instructor friendly allowing both maximum freedom to disclose their talents.

The original scheme of training, however, was modified to meet the specifics of scuba diving in Ukraine's Black Sea, such as low temperature water, small transparency and less modern equipment normally available at the local diving schools and specialized resorts.

Another point that makes Ukrainian training system different from the classical French scuba diving training and diver certification system is greater number of lessons on theory to be taken before proceeding to actually open water diving. Safety comes first! Step by step, depending on the level and individual pace of a specific trainee, instructor will simulate with the beginner some of the situations normally expected to occur while under the water, to ensure each dive would be comfortable and secure.

UDIP has been implementing its program of training and certification of scuba divers through a number of Scuba Diving Centers and Scuba Diving Clubs throughout Ukraine, such as scuba diving centers "Aquatic" (Donetsk) and "Katran" (Kiev), Scuba Diving Club "Pearl" (Odessa), Teen Dive Center "Shelf" (Sudak, Crimea), and several others.

Ukrainian Society of Professional Scuba Diving Instructors
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