Woman Scuba Diver Dies on the Red Sea near Hurgada.

This fatality took place on the Red Sea. A lady diver died because of overchilling and getting exhausted while already on the surface after the dive waiting for a dive boat to arrive to pick up the group. The delay in the arrival of the ship caused the death of Penelope Turland, aged 53, the UK National. The accident took place near Hurghada, Egypt, in April 2008. It was reported that she had arrived there on her first diving holiday.

Even if her scuba diving experience was just basic, the death was actually not due to anything wrong in the course of the dive she took together with two other scuba divers. The time of the dive itself was not prolonged, just around 20 minutes under the water.

Anyway, when the divers surfaced, there was no boat waiting for them at the site, and 45 minutes passed until it arrived. There happened to be no one near by to hear the distress signals the divers were giving calling for the rescue, so there was no one to offer help.

It can be concluded the death was due to poor service and lack of supervision from behalf of the local scuba diving services provider, nothing to do with medical causes or conditions.

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