1. Scuba Diving and Asthma. Concerns about the effect of asthma on dive safety. Many asthmatics want to dive, but unfortunately, there are a number of concerns about the effect of asthma on dive safety. Dive physicians have traditionally taken a very conservative approach to asthma in dive fitness assessments. Mention the word "Asthma" and potential divers were ejected from the surgery faster than you could say, "but it wasn't serious and it's gone away now".
  2. Scuba Diving Vacation in Phuket. Explore Thailand via boarding Chartered Yachts. If your vacations have started and you are planning where to go, then a visit to the Thailand islands can be a very good choice. When you visit the Thailand islands you will surely witness the incredible and the dramatic scenery, manifestation of island’s charm, white sandy beaches that are lined with big coconut tropical trees and absolutely crystal clear turquoise ocean. The exotic appeal of the Thailand islands will definitely make you crave for more of its presence and beauty. The best way you can explore the Thailand islands is via boarding the Chartered Yachts. The Chartered Yachts make sure that you behold the best of the views and enjoy the Thailand trip to the maximum possible.
  3. Even if you are a complete novice, you've got nothing to risk if you perfrom your first dive on PADI or NAUI certified facilities, whose safety standards are model. Avoid buying dive packages in which the participants are not trained or certified, they are dangerous.
  4. Compared to other scuba diving destinations in the world Puerto Rico has only a few dive centers and diving schools. Even if scuba diving is on the surge and scuba divers are in constant search for new dive sites to explore, Puerto Rico scuba diving hasn't been discovered by too many people yet. So far Puerto Rico remains better known for its great beaches and surfing grounds than for scuba diving.
  5. Some excellent properties in Panama, including 1 bedroom off-plan apartments in the Nations Hotel development. The Nations Hotel is located in Panama City's key financial district Bella Vista and is within walking distance of all amenities including bars, restaurants and other leisure facilities.
  6. Bali Padang Bai Beach resort announced for sale. This Scuba Diving Resort in Padang Bai Bali, Indonesia is known as a hot spot for scuba divers in the Verde Island passage, which is known as a unique center of marine shorefish diversity, with over 1,700 overlapping marine species over a 10 - kilometer area.
  7. Maximum 8 people per trip, adventure scuba diving trips organized by travel company incorporated in Canada and operating on the territory of Belize. This scuba diving vacation is available in 2 packages from Big Blue Dive Adventures Co starting November, 2008. For those who love encounters with big animals, marine life and/or wild jungle vegetation.
  8. If you are a scuba diver looking for a place to dive in the UK, it is a good idea check up some of the existing diving charter boats all around the Great Britain, because they normally offer some of the best dives available. By chartering a dive boat it is possible to avoid loss of your valuable time and get to the best dive sites quickly and safely. Charter dive boats normally come crewed
  9. Welcome to Dubai Marina, a fampus entirely man-made waterfront development in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. At its completed stage the marina is expected to host over 200 high-rise buildings and some supertall skyscrapers, Dubai Marina Towers, The Torch Dubai Marina, Infinity Tower, The Princess Tower etc.
  10. It is ideal for all divers and also recommended to obtain travel insurance with medical cover for diving.
  11. Comprehensive information on scuba diving instructors, Divemaster internships and the best SCUBA Diving Destinations in Europe and worldwide that offer not just opportunities to dive, but also allow improve your skills as scuba diver including going professional and getting PADI certified right on the site.
  12. Scuba diving in the Dead Sea will bring you unforgettable sensation matching none a scuba diver could experience during most exciting dive elsewhere in the world, it can't be described to the fullest, this is something to be seen and experienced on your own! It's like diving in the water full of huge, magnificent ice crystals forming other-worldly fascinating landscape.
  13. If you want to go scuba diving on the island of Maui...

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