Scuba Diving - 3 Days in Odessa

Unforgettable weekend for tourists visiting Odessa. Experience sea diving under supervision of professional scuba diving instructors

During your visit to the beautiful Ukrainian seaside city of Odessa now you've got a unique opportunity to join our organized local 1-day sea tours.

Travel aboard the Tiki 38 catamaran "SINDBAD" to the open sea in groups of 18 persons to the place of wreckage of the Romanian military transportation ship "Sulina" that was drowned at the times of the World War 2 at the distance of five miles away from the coast and has been lying there since then at the bottom of the Black Sea at the depth of 14 - 24 meters (40 - 80 feet approximately).

The drowned sea craft rests on the sea bed in the upright position, evenly positioned on the ship's keel. The compartments and premises of the vessel can be seen as preserved in almost ideal condition. Upon their wish sea divers can choose the itineraries of different levels of difficulty, from fairly simple to extreme ones. The underwater visibility in the depth remains excellent practically at any season of the year.

Chances are there could be some findings, such as the items of everyday usage, parts of the navigational equipment etc. Diving to the place where "Sulina" lies on the bottom of the sea, scuba divers get in touch with history so they could easily imagine the real events that took place on the ship many years ago, and see with their own eyes the consequences of another of numerous tragedies of the World War 2.

For persons wishing to participate, but not having experience of scuba diving, the 3-day express training course is offered. Experienced scuba sea diving instructors will train and teach you all the necessary skills and supervise your scuba diving on the spot in the open sea.

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