The Beauty of Scuba Diving in Malta and Gozo

One of the reasons why tourists from different parts of the globe visit Gozo, Malta is to go scuba diving. Gozo is viewed by many to be one of the best diving spots not only in the Mediterranean, but in the world. Malta is located right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, providing great conditions for underwater adventures like scuba diving and snorkelling. The waters in Malta has a cool temperature, just enough for corals to grow beautifully. The coral reefs in Gozo is one of the few remaining ones in the world that are unspoiled and unharmed by humans, so you can imagine the pristine beauty the waters in Malta possesses.

If you are a big scuba diving fan and you want to visit Gozo's coral reef, the best place to go is during the summer time. The dry season in Malta starts in April and lasts until September, plenty of time both for the preparation for your trip and visiting the most beautiful diving spots in the archipelago as well. Because of the cold temperature of Gozo?s waters, there is not much species of fish living in famous diving spots. However, divers are well compensated at how clear the water is.

Many establishments offer diving packages in Gozo all year round. You can choose which locations you want to visit: coral reefs, underwater caves, wrecks and many more. Another great thing about scuba diving in Gozo is that it caters to just about anyone. There are shallow areas where novices can still enjoy the beauty of the underwater world of Gozo. There are also more demanding diving areas for experts and experienced divers.

These are some of the diving spots divers can visit in Gozo:

  • Marfa Point - The entrance of this diving spot is quite shallow. This is a good area for beginners and novices to visit. It could also serves as a warm up for experienced divers before deciding to go deeper underwater

  • Anchor Bay - besides being a great diving area, Anchor Bay is also famous for Popeye Village, the set of the film adaptation of Popeye, which starred comedian Robin Williams during 1979. The water in the bay is generally calm. There is a large cave about 150 meters away from the bay. Divers can resurface in the cave and look at the red-algae filled dome ceiling.

  • Slugs Bay - If you are a big fan of marine life, you will have one of the best times of your life diving in Slugs Bay. This area is the home for numerous aquatic wildlife; prominent among them are the dark-brown sea slugs where the area took its name. There is little, if any at all, development in this bay, which makes this area untouched and unspoiled by humans.

  • The Blue Hole and The Chimney. Another diving area to see marine life. The Blue Hole is located below Dwejra Point. Rock formations that have been shaped by the waves and wind as well as manmade steps lead to the Blue Hole. The hole is approximately one meter above sea level and, at most, 10 meters wide and 5 meters in length. To get to the Chimney, one diver must enter the fissure in the rock at a time. Upon entering, divers will get to see different species of fishes, starfishes and other marine wildlife.

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