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If you made up yout mind to date a Russian girl, you need to do your best to behave honestly and to be natural with her. Try be casual with a Russian woman of your choice, don't be pushy and don't talk too much. Surely you don't want her to conclude you are a lonely guy from a foreign country who's after every beautiful girl he comes across while on his vacation? Be slow but logical in building your communication the way ensuring she understands you right and at some moment starts feeling your attention is due to the fact you like her.
Is it expensive to date a Russian woman with purpose of then getting married to her? If you try to think within the terms of hobbies, then scuba diving the same as other equipment intensive hobby like surfing, parachuting, or bicycling, or whatever else, will probably cost you approximately $US 5000 to get started. Membership with a reputable online dating service introducing Russian brides is normally 300 or so. Is it much for trying chances? Spending just a little bit of money on a beautiful Russian woman definitely has more fun than on the next newest model scuba tank, whose acquisition you may wish to postpone until the next time now.

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