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Scuba diving in Cozumel

Visit Cozumel, the second most popular scuba diving vacation destination in the world, after Australia's Great Barrier Reef - and second to none in the Caribbean. What's good about Cozumel is that it boasts dive sites ranging from shallow water and shore diving to wall, drift, cave, night dives, liveaboards, which means that regardless of the diver's level or PADI certification there is a package that can suit any need, whether you are a novice, intermediate or advanced open water PADI recreational diver while excellent underwater visibility adds to your dive pleasure immensely.

Most popular dive sites off Cozumel: Punta Sur Reef, Palancar Garden and walls of Palancar, Villa Blanca Wall, Paradise Reef, Chankanaab Reef, Tormentos Reef. Cozumel offers truly the most fantastic scuba diving of world class!

Try cave and technical dive courses and practical diving with Yucatech Expeditions, Cozumel's technical scuba diving center, created back in 1981 with the sole mission of providing cavern and cave diving services for divers visiting the island of Cozumel in Mexico. The dive facility offers all levels of cave and mix gas training, including leadership evaluation. At the time of writing this review the Yacatech Expeditions was (and still is) one of the most reputed NAUI dive centers in the area that were fully specialized and focussed on offering Cavern and Cave diving trips and training in Cozumel, and boasting the record of having safely guided over 3000 divers in Cozumel and the Rivera Maya. Yucatech Expeditions is qualified to conduct the new CMAS and NAUI Cave I, Cave II qualification programs. Offers Cavern Diving Course for advanced divers.

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Scuba Diving Center in Odessa

Instructors and School

Extreme sports club "Pearl" in Odessa offers a wide range of diving and sailing services for fans of scuba diving and yachting. Experienced instructors are available to train you for scuba diving and will give you scuba diving lessons regardless of the season of the year. We offer wide selection of scuba diving equipment, consultations and individual fitting of scuba diving equipment for scuba diving in Odessa Gulf.

Scuba Diving Training Concept

The suggested system of teaching scuba diving UDIP incorporates modular structure recommended by the French National Association of Professional Diving Instructors CEDIP / ANMP. The concept of this system presumes a bigger freedom of scuba diving instructor while choosing means and tools of training that would be most appropriate for a particular student with the purpose to achieve the best results.


Scuba diving instructor will lead novice step by step at individually chosen pace matching the level of the student's actual skills and will help novice to master situations, in which he or she might find themselves under the water, thus ensuring every dive would be comfortable and safe for customer.

Scuba Diving Destinations

With the departure point in Odessa, your scuba diving vacation can include traveling by the Black See to islands Berezan and Zmeyiny, as well as voyages to vacation locations at Crimea peninsula.

Wreck Diving


Certified divers who are fans of underwater archaeology are welcome to take part in the activities involving looking for and researching sunk ships (wrecks). Divers are transported to wreck scuba diving sites in the open sea, to explore the wrecks "Sulina", "Bryansk" and "Patagonia" lying on the bottom of the Black Sea. Quite often these wreck dives result in findings that could be taken by divers to the country of their origin as trophies.

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What's new: A popular Maldives' liveaboard holiday travel operator Maldives Dive Travel added a new liveaboard ship Theia to it's portfolio of scuba diving liveaboard ships. This stunning super cruiser yacht offers all the amenities client would expect from a high-class liveaboard. * A very good brand new PADI Junior Scuba Diver course for the 2010 season is offered at Camp Beaumont, a known British summer camp for children and teenagers aged 10-17 has been introduced recently. This course, designed for the year 2010, allows youngsters to get acquainted with some scuba diving basics ***

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